We make your devices reliable at scalable

Manage all in-store devices in one place with GK Cloud. Whether it’s our technologies or those from another company, GK Cloud will ensure your devices remain operational.


Device management

Update content and configure your devices remotely

Whether you are scheduling a new campaign, updating a technologic installation or in need to improve a configuration, the platform helps you get things done and update devices at the best time for each store. 

Ensure salespeople get things done on the field with GK cloud mobile app to train and notify them

Salespeople change all the time. GK cloud mobile app provides training to the field to get everyone consistent and up-to-date information and alerts salespeople when a device needs human intervention, providing the necessary guidance to resolve issues efficiently

Marketing data

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your marketing campaign by collecting insightful data from technological interactions : Which products are tested the most ? Is this design effective ? What days experience the highest traffic ? And more.

And connect these data to your CRM to get the conversion rates. 


GK cloud Agents ensure devices are always operational thanks to an AI notifying them when issues can’t be operated by salespeople. They contact stores and plan interventions.

Based on a service level agreement (SLA), our local partners will proceed to on-site intervention to repair or replace defective devices. 

Logistics platform

Scaling devices across several countries involves managing spare units and parts in multiple regions. Our customers can rely on our logistics platform, which provides everything necessary for maintenance operators to ensure your store’s technological experiences function properly


Get an understanding of your device fleet at a glance

  • Overview of stores and projects.
  • Device notification dashboard.

Device management made simple

  • Doors are already configured with opening hours and prioritization settings to ensure rapid maintenance response.
  • Access store information: devices with their configurations, alerts, comments following interventions, contacts, marketing data, media.
  • Manage device configurations at a door or project level.
  • Monitor the energy consumption of technologies used in-store and receive advice on improving your environmental footprint.

The field finally undestands what to do

  • Sales representatives can access information for all the door’s devices by scanning the door’s QR code.
  • Manage staff turnover with a very short training video to ensure your devices are not neglected.
  • Sales representatives receive notifications when needed for basic maintenance operations, complete with video instructions.
  • If a maintenance operation is beyond your staff's capability, they can reach us by phone, or we will automatically be notified very soon.

Tell GK Cloud the changes you need to make, and it will handle the rest

  • GK Cloud manages updates and configurations during the closing hours of each door to ensure your devices are always operational.
  • Upload your media to the platform, and we will take care of the formatting depending on your screens.

Global harmony with local management

  • Set up user roles to manage globally the rights and visibility of each user.
  • Upload media, configurations, and any content globally to ensure markets get it right.

Here is a maintenance tracking for stores

  • Each device has a maintenance activity log: parts changed, software updates, intervention dates, product changes, and more.
  • Get reports of each maintenance intervention in your store and chat with the maintenance managers if needed.